Death of Seasons is dark art for sentimental hearts, drawing inspiration from folklore, mourning practices, nature, ritual, and superstition. It’s reverence for the occult, of what lives in the shadows and lies beyond the veil. Intricate illustrations take the shape of prints, pins, accessories, stickers, stationery, ornaments, and framed originals.


New in—totes




  • Death of Seasons x Beast or God

    An art swap turned collaboration with Robert of Beast or God. Illustration inspired by Nietzsche quoting Socrates', "To live alone, one must be a wild beast or a god". Pins created in likeness of the illustration. 

  • Witchtopia

    All about Salem and Witches and Salem Witches.
    A love letter and a perfect souvenir. It’s like a zine if a magazine and a zine had a baby and then a guidebook and an almanac had a baby and then those babies grew up and had a baby. But somehow outside the capitalist family structure. Recipes, interviews, illustrations and more. 

    A collaborative publication created with Erica Feldmann of Hauswitch, and Greg & Holly Parker of Ace and Wand

  • Death of Seasons x Orville Peck x Zero Skateboards

    Limited edition skate deck and t-shirt in partnership with Orville Peck & Zero Skateboards to celebrate Dane Burman’s “Hope to Die” part on Thrasher Mag.

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